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At Castle's K-9, all dogs are pre-tested and pre-trained before acceptance into our program. Therefore, the risk that a dog will not be suitable for the highest standards of performance are eliminated before the handler ever meets the dog. This gives you and your dog a very important head start before the bonding process begins.

At Castle's K-9, our four, six and ten week programs are designed to prepare the officer and canine for everyday life on the street. Our 250-hour, four-week program of training includes classroom training covering over thirty areas of police dog training. Our 500-page manual will assist the officer with the classroom studies. The rigorous field training exercises are not for the weak at heart. This is very meticulous program and your handler must be in top condition. All handlers must be able to carry their canine; being in shape is a must.

Please bear in mind, this is not an attend and pass school. Handlers must meet high standards and must pass a hands-on national test as well as a written test. With our program you can save 6 to 10 weeks of training as opposed to other training programs, and accomplish outstanding results that will benefit your entire community for years to come.


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