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In past years, Mr. Castle has donated countless hours establishing a drug prevention program in schools and has received numerous community service awards for his efforts. Mr. Castle also appeared on national television where he discussed the use and effectiveness of the police dog.

Mr. Castle serves as a master trainer and instructor for the North American Police Work Dog Association in areas of patrol, narcotics, explosives and cadavers. He also held the posts of president and vice president and is the Pennsylvania State Coordinator. He selects and trains all narcotic, explosive detection, and patrol dog teams at his facility and trains and certifies all handlers and canines for drug interdiction and explosive detection teams for such operations as G.P.U. Nuclear Corporation, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and assisted the Kennedy Space Center as well as being a consultant for police agencies throughout the United States . Mr. Castle has more than 50 dogs in training each month and has worked hand in hand with such agencies as the F.B.I., U.S.Customs Service, D.E.A. , U.S. Marshal's Office and the Pennsylvania State Police. He has 33 years of police canine training experience. Prior to forming Castle's K-9 Inc., he served as Chief of Police of the Carroll Township Police Department responsible for an 80 square mile area of York, County, Pa.

During his tenure as chief, Mr. Castle became nationally known for his efforts in stemming the flow of illegal drugs into the United States . For example, he and one of his dogs played a major role in breaking up an international narcotics trafficking operation in which heroin from Thailand was shipped by U.S. Postal services. In addition to his anti-drug efforts, Mr. Castle and his dogs have successfully tracked numerous fleeing felons, escapees, and lost children for police agencies throughout the Tri-State area and has provided explosive detection sweeps to ensure the safety of such notables as Vice President Dan Quayle, Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey, the West German ambassador to the United States, and attendants of the 1980 American Booksellers Convention which featured the works of controversial author Salmon Rushdie.

Mr. Castle is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State Police Academy and has completed more than 50 law enforcement training schools sponsored by the F.B.I., D.E.A., and other police agencies. He also completed the Mandelyn Kennel's drug training course in Bakersfield , Ca. He designed, wrote and instructs the only college accredited canine certification course in Pennsylvania .

Mr. Castle received special recognition for meritorious service including a letter of commendation from former First Lady Nancy Reagan praising his personal commitment to the war on drugs. Likewise, he was cited by the Pennsylvania State Senate twice and the House of Representatives twice for bravery and exceptional service. Mr.Castle also received an award for valor from the Chamber of Commerce. He was honored by former governor Dick Thornburgh and Gov. Robert Casey for exceptional service. In addition, he was honored by Lt. Gov. Mark Singel and received numerous awards for exceptional service from the D.E.A, F.B.I. and the U.S. Postal Service as well as from the many departments he trained. Mr. Castle is a member of the Pa. Chiefs of Police Association, the National Sheriff's Association, and the International Chiefs of Police Association as well as coordinator for the National Police Dog Games in Canada . He is a member of A.S.I.S. and is licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to possess controlled narcotics. He is also licensed to possess and use explosives

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